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Charity Challenge

Introducing Charity Challenge!


  • Each month, a different office location will choose a charity they would like to donate £1,000 to
  • The location will also choose a challenge for the month.
  • Share experiences of the challenge on Better Together Yammer page with the hashtag #charitychallenge




March Charity Challenge - Commit to giving something up for the month of March (UK), whether chocolate, alcohol, taking the lift, using the car for short journeys or something else entirely - the choice is yours, but commit and see it through

THE CAUSETurkey-Syria Earthquake Appeal - On Monday 6 February, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck south-eastern Turkey in the early hours of the morning followed by a series of powerful aftershocks and a 7.7 magnitude earthquake nine hours later. Another earthquake of 6.4 magnitude struck on 20 February. Over 50,000 people have died as a result of the earthquakes, with many thousands more injured in the freezing temperatures of the area. Among survivors are more than 226,000 pregnant women in Turkey and 130,000 in Syria, of those 38,800 are expected to deliver in the next month. Donation to this charity will be used to provide support and aid that includes essentials, shelters, first aid, rescue operations and providing psychosocial support.

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